Riftworlds Online

Riftworlds Online is a massive virtual reality MMORPG where users completely immerse themselves in one–or more–of seven different game settings, each connected by portals called Rifts.

Darkland, Cyberpunk World

Darkland is an urban dystopia where man and machine blur in a struggle between individuality and the conformism of corporate superpowers.

Fantasal, Fantasy World

The high fantasy world of Fantasal is a diverse world of humans and elves and dwarves, of magic and heroes.

Futara, Space Opera World

The world of Futara offers many planets to explore, where military conflict can be anything from small scale skirmishes to space armadas, and rebels struggle for independence from Federalist forces.

Londis, Steampunk World

Londis is a Victorian land where technology has taken a different turn and intrigue flows between rival city-states skirmishing on the edge of war.

Terra Superioris, Supers World

Come to a land where heroes and villains battle with fantastic superpowers in the cities of the 1980s

Wastelands, Post-Apocalypse World

Society has collapsed. Will you struggle just to survive, or will you carve out your own little empire among the wreckage?

Westara, Western World

Westara is a frontier land of high plains and saloon towns, where outlaws and lawmen clash.

As the writing process goes I’ll be posting more details about all of them.

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