Simon Rising – After the Crash Book One

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Available in paperback and Kindle.

Short Synopsis:

Simon Rising is the story of Steve Ambrose, a bank robber who is shot while being arrested and wakes up in the hospital with no memories, but with telekinetic powers. Hunted by the law and his criminal past he must discover if he can change who he is, or if the dark criminal everyone accuses him of being is too deeply a part of his nature to escape.

Major Characters

Steven Ambrose

A criminal who finds himself with super powers (telekinesis) and a lost past that won’t let him be.

Rachel Moore

The FBI agent who has been investigating the string of robberies Steven has been behind. Can she catch him and save her career?

Andrew Barton

A mob boss with a plan. A plan that Steven knew too much about.


An assassin with orders to kill Steven. The cost of failure just might be too high, too personal.

Read the first two chapters for free, or buy it now.

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