RWO 1 – Riftworlds Online: Space Opera

Riftworlds Online: Space Opera is the first book in a new seven-book LitRPG series.

An action-packed ride that combines Escape from New York and Tron in an epic adventure spanning worlds of Space Opera, Fantasy, the Old West, Post-Apocalypse, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Super Heroes.

In 2028 Riftworlds Online is the most popular virtual reality MMORPG game in history. A week after its release, millions are playing in a game that spans seven unique universes. But now people are unable to log out. And when they die in the game, they die in real life.

In prison for manipulating real-world currency through VR-MMORPGs, Rick Danburg just wants to serve out his sentence in peace. But the President’s daughter is trapped in the game. Secret Service agents drag Rick before the President who offers a deal: a full pardon for finding her and keeping her alive until people on the outside get Riftworlds back under control.
That will be much harder than he is prepared for.

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