RWO 1 – Riftworlds Online: Space Opera

Riftworlds Online: Space Opera is the first book in a new seven-book LitRPG series.

It’s part Escape from New York and part Tron.

Rick Danberg is an expert computer gamer. Expert enough that he was able to manipulate real-world currency but leaving him with a prison sentence.

In 2028, Riftworlds Online is a massive VR MMORPG where users completely immerse themselves in any of seven different game settings, each connected by portals called Rifts. Millions of players are connected when something goes wrong and nobody can log out. Now when people die in the game, they die in real life. The President’s daughter is one of the people trapped inside.

Rick must go into the game and become a cyborg named Max to find and protect her. If she lives, he gets a presidential pardon and release from prison.

Finding the President’s daughter will be an interplanetary hunt that will take all the talent and skill he has. Because if she dies, he’ll die too.

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