Rectifier – The Electric Man

Rectifier EbookIt’s normal to have conversations with your dead girlfriend, right? To just want to be left alone? To hope for some way to fix your mistakes? To be kidnapped and experimented on?

Oliver Stewart never expected to end up homeless. He never expected to wake up in a mass grave and end up controlling electricity. He never expected to end up in the crossfire of a bloody gang war….

The people he feels most responsible for, only teenagers, have been abducted by the same taser-armed men in their white van that took, and experimented on, him. Wherever that secret lab is, most victims do not survive. Some wish they hadn’t.

To save them he’ll have to confront some of his most shameful mistakes. He’ll have to find the lab and mount an impossible rescue. And he’ll have to pick sides in the most vicious gang war Bay City has ever seen.

You can pre-order it now for Kindle!


Oliver Stewart/Rectifier

When is fiancee died, Oliver Stewart fell into a spiral depression and addiction and self-loathing. His string of self-sabotage left him homeless, struggling to survive dangerous streets. Protecting the lives of the few people he cares about will draw him out of his shell and help him find purpose–and put him at the heart of a war for control of the city’s criminal underworld.

Maria Reyes

One of the secret lab’s few successes, hyper-intelligent Maria is more than “just” telepathic. With just a glance she’ll know everything you’ve ever known. Not one to be kept down, she isn’t about to become someone’s lackey.

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