Messenger: MATrIX One

About seven months before Simon Rising, this is where Greg Thompson first gets the name Messenger.

Two years ago the karate school he was teaching at was burned to the ground by organized crime. When he met Aaron Bryce, who is using alien technology to create a suit of tactical armor, he realized he could use that and his martial skills to protect the people he couldn’t protect before.

Kevin Lee has been building an armored battle suit of his own, determined to show the world that human engineering can defeat the problems that alien influences seem to be causing in Bay City. In the process he’ll spark a gang war that will catch everyone in the middle.



Greg Thompson/The Messenger

Greg came from decent middle-class upbringing, going to college to study education. Along the way he discovered a love for karate. Years later, a black belt, he is teaching karate at a small school when elements of Chinese crime syndicates move into the area. When they burn the school down he feels helpless to resist. Until Aaron Bryce presents an offer that changes everything.

Aaron Bryce

Aaron always wanted to be a cop. When a high school car accident left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life he decided if he couldn’t be a cop he would help research and design technology to keep them safe. When he found himself at a secret laboratory investigating salvaged alien technology he takes some of his work home with him, determined to find a way to use it to help others.

Dr. Kevin Lee/MATrIX One

Kevin Lee was working on the TALOS project, a powered suit designed for military applications, when the alien ship crashed. Unable to get clearance to work around alien technology, he is determined to design his own, superior systems using the best human technology he can find.

El Fraternidad, the Brotherhood

When three brothers are exposed to an alien artifact they are all changed. They run a street gang which is partly strengthened with Boost, a drug that makes people stronger, faster, and tougher.

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