What is LitRPG? LitRPG is a new sug-genre that a lot of people still aren’t sure how to categorize. The basic common thematic elements are that people are in one way or another pulled/trapped inside an online role-playing game and have their adventures that way.

It’s taking off like crazy. My first instincts were that I should be writing some, too. I’ve read one really good one, some okay ones, and some really bad ones. But I didn’t have a concept. Then one hit me, and I’m fully planning on rolling with it!

Riftworlds Online will be a seven-book series, with the first one targeted for release this summer/fall.

Riftworlds Online is an action-packed ride that combines Escape from New York and Tron in an epic adventure spanning worlds of Space Opera, Fantasy, the Old West, Post-Apocalypse, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Super Heroes.

In 2028 Riftworlds Online is the most popular online game in history. Millions have gone into an immersive virtual reality game where people can cross from World to World. Each world is a different game universe.

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