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LitRPG Sub-Genres

I found a thought-provoking article on LitRPG sub-genres (more and more LitRPG is being called GameLit due to reader/writer lash back at one particular author who’s trying to trademark LitRPG, which can’t really work and strikes me mostly as an act of … Continue reading

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Covers Update

I’m in talks with my cover artist on the next three book covers. Covers for the next After the Crash book (Rectifier – The Electric Man) and the first two LitRPG books should both be ready by the end of … Continue reading

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Fight Scenes

Writers seem to either love or hate writing fight scenes. Written ones are not like movie ones. The tension comes from different places, the action…works differently. For me, the hard ones are chase scenes. I like writing fights and battles. … Continue reading

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