Superhero Books

After the Crash

This is a superhero series set in Bay City on the East Coast, after an alien ship has crashed and the city will never be the same.

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simon-rising-ebook-cover-webSimon Rising – March 9, 2017!

A man wakes up in the hospital with no memory. He’s told he is Steve Ambrose, a serial bank robber who was shot while being arrested. Depression lifts when he discovers he has telekinetic powers. Hunted by the FBI Special Agent Rachel Moore, and with unknown enemies around every corner, can he change who he is, or is the dark criminal everyone accuses him of being is too deeply a part of his nature to escape?

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Rectifier – The Electric Man

Rectifier Ebook

A secret laboratory somewhere in Bay City is abducting the homeless and experimenting on them.

Oliver Stewart’s life had fallen apart after the death of his fiancée. He lost everything and had been living on the streets when the van found him. He woke up in a mass grave, left for dead as a failed experiment. Except it wasn’t.

Now he can control electricity! But can he track down the people capturing and killing his friends? Can he reclaim what he thought he had lost for good?

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Messenger: MATrIX One

About seven months before Simon Rising, this is where Greg Thompson first gets the name Messenger.

Two years ago the karate school he was teaching at was burned to the ground by organized crime. When he met Aaron Bryce, who is using alien technology to create a suit of tactical armor, he realized he could use that and his martial skills to protect the people he couldn’t protect before.

Kevin Lee has been building an armored battle suit of his own, determined to show the world that human engineering can defeat the problems that alien influences seem to be causing in Bay City. In the process he’ll spark a gang war that will catch everyone in the middle.

Aurora Reborn

Police officer Sara Delgado has been changed, or infected, by an alien artifact. Once a shapeshifter and ultimate tracker go after her loved ones to lure her out of hiding, she can run no longer, but must turn and fight.