After the Crash- Background

The alien ship arrived on Monday, June 16th. It broadcast a short message that it was going to crash. The aliens said they would do everything possible to reduce the impact on our planet.

The ship blazed across the sky. Parts of it broke off as it fell. The main portion crashed off the harbor of Bay City. The ground shook and windows throughout the city were smashed. Water slammed over harbor, and buildings in the closest blocks were mostly destroyed. Several blocks beyond that suffered significant damage.

When the dust and water settled the remains of the ship jutted a half mile above the water. Military helicopters started the initial quarantine of the area. Navy and Coast Guard ships showed up shortly afterwards.

Scientists, military, and industrial concerns flocked to the site. All manner of public debate–which very quickly became world-wide debate–raged over how to handle the site. The UN declared it off limits to everyone until a decision could be made about how to coordinate demands for international access.. The US military enforced it under UN supervision.

Years later, no one has managed to cut an entrance. Even in areas where the hull was torn open, internal seals continue to block any actual entrance. Still nothing is even known of the interior–even the best penetrating radar hasn’t returned any useful information.

The huge influx of people has nearly doubled Bay City’s population, and it is now considered a major scientific research hub, as many other projects have sprung up to occupy scientists still waiting to get into the ship. Most of the damage to the city has been repaired, and new, larger and taller construction still continues throughout the city.

The surge of population and money has also brought a rising tide of crime. Syndicates and crime conglomerates wage a more and more open battle for control of the city’s underbelly. As portions of the city grow shinier, other parts grow grimier and grittier.

While the ship is no longer making headlines, crime is, as is the BCPD’s apparent inability to stop it. A growing number of vigilantes and what appear to be super-powered criminals are capturing the public’s imagination and attention. Outcry grows as people demand to know whether some undisclosed alien radiation might be affecting people. Stories and claims of alien technology recovered from other parts of the ship that broke off during the descent are being suggested as other possible explanations….