New Blurb for Simon Rising

I’ve re-worked the sales copy for Simon Rising. Mostly minor changes, but I think still better. What do you think?

A telekinetic on the run. An FBI Agent determinted to stop him. A mob boss with a secret plan. A hitman with too much on the line.

Steven Ambrose wakes up paralyzed in the hospital with no memory, only to be told he’s a serial bank robber shot in the head while being arrested. Everything changes when he discovers he has telekinetic powers.

Now on the run, hunted by FBI Special Agent Rachel Moore, and with unknown enemies around every corner, can he change who he is, or is the dark criminal everyone accuses him of being too deeply a part of his nature to escape?

If you are a fan or Marvel or DC comics/characters, if you loved the Boure series, if you want an adventure with tension building towards a life-changing confrontation, you must read Simon Rising, a gritty, sometimes dark, character-driven adventure with no shortage of super-powered firefights, murders, pursuit, and a chase scene heavy in collateral damage.

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